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Mutable Offenses
These chat-related offenses will lead to a temporary server-wide mute

Non-English: In order to keep the chat clean and easy to understand by every player, it’s mandatory to chat in English only. Not doing so will lead to a warning, and if repeated, a mute.
Duration: 4 hour mute
Examples: Speaking 3 or more words in any Non-English language, like “olá, alguém tem comida?” (Portuguese)

Harassment/Disrespect: Bullying, harassing, threatening or disrespecting a player will lead to a mute.
Duration: 1 day mute
Examples: Constantly insulting someone, bringing personal life into question, etc.

Inappropriate Language/Chat Filter Bypass: Sexual, offensive or hateful content will not be tolerated and will lead to a mute, as well as evading the chat filter.
Duration: 1 day mute
Examples: Overly sexual chat to an uncomfortable point, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, blasphemy, etc., as well as using numbers instead of letters to trick the filter, or cutting off a letter from the word.

Spam: although the server stops the players from resending messages, such can be easily evaded. Evading the filter will lead to a mute.
Duration: 1 hour mute
Examples: Flipping between messages to evade the filter - “Hi guys” “.” “Hi guys” “.” “Hi guys” “.” “Hi guys”. Doing this more than 3 times will result in a punishment.
Bannable Offenses
These offenses will lead to temporary bans from playing on the server

Inappropriate Username: Any username considered offensive or sexual will lead to an account ban.
Duration: Permanent
Examples: Names that induce racism, homophobia, xenophobia, blasphemy, or contain swears and/or sexual terms.

Inappropriate Skin: Players using an offensive or sexual skin will be warned with a kick. No further punishment will be issued unless the offense is repeated. If so, the player will be banned.
Duration: Kick, then 1 day IP ban
Examples: Hitler skins, naked skins, skins with offensive writing on them, etc.

Hacking: Using illegal modifications in order to gain an unfair advantage over other players will lead to a ban.
Duration: 30 day IP ban
Examples: Using hacked clients like Wurst, Future, LiquidBounce, Vape, etc.

Impersonation: Attempting to impersonate any player will lead to a ban.
Duration: Permanent for usernames, Warn then 1 day IP ban for nicknames
Examples: Joining with an account with a similar username to a staff member, attempting to trick people into believing you’re someone’s alt to gain their trust, creating accounts to frame someone else, etc.

IRL Trading: Trading or selling in-game items for real money isn’t safe due to the possibility of scamming, and is therefore bannable.
Duration: 30 day IP ban
Examples: Selling Donator Kits for real money transactions.

Advertising: Publicizing another server, social media or website will lead to a punishment.
Duration: Light Advertising (Advertising a social media or website) - 4 hour mute, Advertising (Advertising another server) - 1 day mute, Extreme Advertising (Spam ads of another server) - 30 day IP ban
Examples: Light Advertising - “Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, JohnDoeYT”, Advertising - “Anyone wanna join my SMP,”, Extreme
Advertising - Same message as advertising spammed multiple times

Colluding: Helping, boosting or being boosted by a hacker or abuser will lead to a punishment.
Duration: Stats and/or inventory reset.
Examples: Co-oping a duper, 2v1ing a player with a hacker, etc.

Law Obstruction: Obstructing a staff from obtaining proof will lead to a ban.
Duration: 1 day ban
Examples: Standing in the way of a staff while they are recording a possible hacker.

Punishment Evading: Evading a punishment via an alt will lead to such punishment being doubled.
Duration: 2x old punishment
Examples: Being banned for hacking on an account and creating another account on a different IP to keep playing while the ban is still active.

TP Trapping/Nether Trapping: Trapping a player inside a nether portal or in an inescapable structure upon tp-ing the player will lead to a ban.
Duration: 7 day IP ban
Examples: Creating a 2x1 trap, teleporting someone to it and killing the player from a safe location.
Serious Offenses
These offenses may have server-wide consequences, and as such lead to extremely severe measures, usually permanent bans

Creating a lag machine: Purposely creating a machine with the purpose of lagging the server will lead to a ban.
Duration: Permanent IP ban
Examples: Creating a redstone machine that updates so often the server TPS will lower to dangerously low levels, placing and loading a massive amount of entities to crash the server, etc.

Duping: Abusing a bug to duplicate items with any final purpose will lead to a ban.
Duration: Permanent IP ban
Examples: Using hacked clients with duping potential to create infinite items and disrupt the server’s economy.

Automating Tasks: Using hacked clients or autoclickers in order to automate a certain task will lead to a ban.
Duration: Permanent IP ban
Examples: Using a hacked client to auto-farm, auto-mine, auto-fish, automatically place armor in your slot when one breaks, etc.

Information Robbery/DDOSing: Stealing someone’s private information or purposely manipulating one’s connection will lead to a ban.
Duration: Permanent IP ban
Examples: Sending IP grabber links in chat, managing to shut down someone’s internet, hacking a player’s account, etc.

Disputing a purchase: Purchases are final. Chargeback is strictly forbidden.
Duration: Permanent IP ban
Examples: Charging back a purchase made. Important note: if someone purchased an item for another player and then charged it back, only the person who bought such item will be banned, as the receiver had no fault on the matter.

Framing/Forging proof: Framing someone using fake videos, photoshop or any forged evidence is strictly forbidden and will lead to a ban.
Duration: Permanent IP ban
Examples: Photoshopping chat logs or screenshots to get someone muted.