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6 months ago
Release date!

Release date!

Hello to everyone reading this! I am proud to announce that our first season of skyblock is opening tomorrow at 4 PM CET (approximately 20 hours from the time I'm posting this).

Please join our discord server so that you can find more info about the release and if you have any questions. To join the discord server press the button at the top right.

The planned referral event starts from the moment the server is open! To top it off, we decided to do a 50% sale for the first week on the entire store.

Hope we all have a great time!

6 months ago
Referral Event!


Referral event!

I am more than happy to announce the first event that we'll be hosting!

Invite your friends to join SkyFox, and the person that invites the most during the first 2 weeks of the server release gets 50$ store voucher!

How does it work?

When your friend joins the server, they have to execute the command

- /refer

and it gets registered to your name!

Once the event ends, we'll post the leaderboards here!


You cannot change the player you're referred to, so be careful to not mess up!


Everyone is able to participate in the event!

6 months ago
Welcome to SkyFox!


SkyFox is a cracked Minecraft Network recently founded with a goal to provide our players an environment to have fun at, and spend some quality time with their friends!

Starting off with SkyBlock, we are looking to expand our network with gamemodes like Survival, Factions, Prison and lots of minigames!




1. Server's release date

- The release date depends on whether we go premium or cracked, the original plan was premium but a lot of people are insisting for a change. Therefore the release should be in approximately 2 weeks if cracked and less than a week if premium.

2. Server's version

- The server core is 1.17.1 but is tested and works fine on any version between 1.12 - 1.18. We haven't tested older versions yet but you can give it a shot yourself and see how it goes.

3. Gamemodes 

- We're starting off with SkyBlock but looking to expand to more gamemodes as soon as possible.


Also worth noting is that with the launch, we'll do a couple of events and giveaways so stay tuned!